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Johnson's Firewood servicing the greater High Desert, including Apple Valley, Hesperia, Oak Hills, Victorville, Spring Valley Lake, Lucerne Valley, Phelan, Oro Grande, Adelanto and Barstow.

Johnson’s Firewood is a family owned and operated business offering quality wood at reasonable prices since 1997. We have built our reputation on honesty, quality, friendliness, knowledge and experience.

Servicing the greater High Desert including Apple Valley, Hesperia, Spring Valley Lake, Victorville, and Lucerne Valley.

Deliveries to Wrightwood, Big Bear, Oak Hills, Baldy Mesa, Phelan, Pinon Hills, Oro Grande and most of the surrounding areas are subject to a 2 or more cord minimum.

Remember to Buy Early!!

Seasoned Wood —

Our unseasoned wood is brought in the year before the season starts to ensure dry burnable wood. Due to the growth of our community and the limited supply of good burning wood we have sold out of seasoned wood before December the past 3 years so we highly encourage everyone to buy early June-August or before to guarantee availability and receive the lowest prices of the season.

Prices increase September 1st.

Generous Cords —

Our wood is sold in full and multiple cords. Some customers prefer a combo of the almond & mix. The lighter woods help for a starter base or they use the mix for campfires.


All wood is delivery only and subject to a minimal delivery charge based on your location. We do not offer customer pick up.

Types of Wood Available — 

Almond – averages 14”–18” burns cleaner, slower and hotter than most other hardwoods. Great heat source, ideal for wood burning stoves. Once our customers have burned almond it is rare that they use anything else. Also good for BBQ and smoking.

Firewood of various types and sizes availableSOLD OUT Various Mix – Our mix averages 16”–20” mixture may include red gum eucalyptus, white eucalyptus, elm, spruce, ash, alder, cedar, carob, walnut, oak, pine, citrus and fruit woods. With mix woods you may experience quicker burning, very hot, smoking, popping ambers, splinters, flute build up and more waste. Works well for larger wood burning stoves or fireplaces. Due to various circumstances We will NOT have mixed wood available for the 2021 season. We appreciate all our customers and apologize for any inconvenience.

Ask About Our Rates for Semi Loads —

Semi load delivery available throughout the greater high desert and mountain areas including but not limited to Baldy Mesa, Phelan, Pinion Hills, Oro Grande, Sliver Lakes, Helendale, Barstow, Hinkley, Yermo, Wrightwood and Big Bear Mountain communities.

Semi loads of wood (3 to 6 plus cords) are also available with a slight discounted rate. Please note if ordering a semi load there must be accessibility for a ten wheeler dump truck (example but not limited to; no low hanging wires or roof eaves, clear of brush & trees, enough clearance between structures & fences, weight limit on concrete driveways and enough space to either back in safely or pull in and turn around.

Did You Know Not All Wood Is The Same??

Different type of wood varies in density and energy content or BTUs, which factor into longer lasting coals. Longer burning means less wood needed, less time feeding the fire and less mess. Dense woods, such as ponderosa pine not only burn quickly but you will have more chance of smoking, popping embers and creosote buildup in your chimney or stove pipe, which if not cleaned regularly can lead to chimney fires.

Almond 23-24 Avocado 18-19
Red Gum Eucalyptus 23-24 White Eucalyptus 20-21
White Oak 18-19 Red Oak 16-17
Ponderosa Pine 14-15 White Pine 14-17
Cottonwood 13 Plum 20-21
White Ash 20-21 Yellow Birch 21-23
Maple 18-19 Elm 19-20

*Above examples based on approximate BTU millions per cord averages 


Cost Factors — Wood vs. Other Heating Methods

The following comparisons are based on approximate calculations of 24 BTU millions per cord:
291 gallons of propane
267 therms of natural gas
7030 kilowatt hrs. of electricity
245 gallons of fuel oil

Example: A cord of almond wood burns at 24 BTU, and the cost of a cord is $370. If it took 291 gallons of propane to get the same amount of heating factor at $3.00 per gallon = $873. That’s over a $500 savings!

What is a cord?
Since a cord of split firewood is a measure of a loose stack of wood, it contains air space as well as solid wood and bark, and is therefore more of an indication of space occupied than an actual wood measure. A standard cord contains 128 cubic feet of wood, bark, and air space, often measuring 4 feet high, 4 feet wide, with pieces 8 feet in length, or 4 feet high, 8 feet wide, with pieces 4 feet in length. Although the dimensions can vary, depending on the length of the pieces, the cubic-foot content is constant for a standard cord. A stack with irregular height is best measured by a series of height measurements. These should be taken at even intervals at right angles to the ground or truck bed. The average height is then determined from the series of measurements.

92 Cubic feet of Wood & Bark, 36 Cubic feet of Air Space = 128 Cubic feet or 1 Cord of Wood

Therefore, an average standard cord contains 62 percent solid wood, 28 percent air space, and 10 percent bark. Another factor is green or unseasoned wood holds moisture and as the wood dries there is shrinkage which can amount to 7% or greater depending on the type of wood, moisture content and time frame of seasoning.

Since these are average values, you should remember that some variability will be found, due to differences between species, diameter of the pieces, care in piling, and straightness of the pieces.

Firewood Makes A Great Gift

Remember to Buy Early
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Firewood makes a great holiday or Thank You gift